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REVIVER sport+entertainment was formed in 2010 as a progressive sports incubator through the collective energy of founders Philip Davis and Colin Weston, as an platform to activate their visions for the evolution of sports. In the process they invented a sports industry sector. With collective skills in architecture, design, event staging, project management and sports visioning we're actively inventing and generating the Next Big Things in sport and entertainment. We do this by applying visionary experiential and branding creativity, and backing it up with international experience in architecture, planning, project management, sports overlay, event staging and business development. 


We blend our creative acumen with event management and sport industry knowledge to deliver ideas that tap into emerging trends in the evolving sport and entertainment world by re-inventing new ways of watching, playing and presenting sports. Our goal is to be a catalyst - a REVIVER - for outdated sport formats, by inventing and generating ideas that caplitalize on existing sport sector strengths and nascent sector opportunities - and responding to emerging broadcast platforms, viewership models and demographic trends.


We Think Team and we welcome collaboration. Talk to us about involvement in our ideas - or about realizing yours - we're in the Make It Happen business.


As our mantra says - Reimagine Sport Experience - from designing innovative sport concepts and venues, to integrating investment and corporate partnering, to staging world-class events, to delivering awesome media content - We Push Play.


On Day One we threw out the rule book. Now we design ways to create new sport markets through new games, new players, and new fans. Talk to us about where you want your sport and your brand to go, and we'll find new ways to take it there.

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