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T3GolfTM by RippedLinksTM



The DJ cranks the music as the announcer encourages the live crowd to make even more noise. Our 22-year-old player about to tee off from the 40 foot high elevated tee box looks more like an action sport star than a pro golfer. Competing on a 3 hole, par 3 temporary course venue dropped into the Las Vegas Strip, this elite level golfer must birdie this final hole to defeat the two young women he’s playing against and advance to the next elimination round.

He sticks his shot 4 feet from the pin, just lipping out to miss winning the “Monster Energy Ace” hole-in-one prize. The thousands of fans collectively gasp, then scream their approval while posting pictures and video on Instagram. He clips in and ziplines down to the green, tossing our sponsor giveaways to the audience while the two women jump on motorized longboards to meet him there. The dynamic visual imagery captured by the drone cams, cable cam and POV player cams are displayed on the giant screens around the venue, while the production team looks after the live stream. Forget slow, quiet, conservative and stuffy. Welcome to the RippedLinks American Tour: the loud, fast, audacious and engaging evolution of golf.

The Need


Golf has a big problem. Over the last 10 years in the US, 20% of recreational golfers - over 5 million people - have stopped playing. Golf courses are closing and equipment sales are down. 18 to 36 year-olds aren’t picking up the game and they certainly aren’t watching the pros on TV.


The golf industry is narrowly focused, spending millions of dollars on incremental innovations that improve the quality of their equipment (clubs and balls that go further, straighter, higher and land softer) and not on industry growth. This approach has failed to attract new players and fans, as other sports have emerged and evolved. Instead, a disruptive innovation that creates a more convenient and compelling delivery system for the game is required.

Our Solution


For the declining $70 Billion/yr US golf industry, which desperately searches to solve the problem of how to attract a younger audience to grow the game, RippedLinks creates a platform that connects the $15 billion/yr American sports sponsorship market to the 80 million-strong US Millennial demographic.

We have created an elegantly simple gameplay model (groups of 3 players, playing 3 par 3 holes dropped into an urban or beach environment) that eliminates the most expensive and undesirable elements of golf, reduces or enhances others and adds the energy and atmosphere of an action sport event - all designed to be packaged as a live and for-broadcast product. This eliminate+reduce+enhance+add design philosophy allows us to create a product that provides an exceptional sponsor and audience value proposition that is both repeatable and scalable.


We’ve taken the emerging trajectories, trends and patterns found in action sport, music, fashion, entertainment and contemporary lifestyle and embedded them in a golf event tour that creates a fun, fast, loud and energetic experience.

Cricket has enjoyed it's T20 revolution. Rugby is ascending thanks to Rugby Sevens. A range of sports have embraced new formats and flourished. It's time for golf to join the party.


Unlike the PGA and LPGA Tours, RippedLinks is built to appeal to an under-served and lucrative market segments that currently dismisses the game of golf: both women, and Millennials. There is an uncontested opportunity to create an engaging, shareable gateway sport property that resonates with this large demographic. RippedLinks is poised to unlock this globally scalable market. 

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